October 2017 - Loko Sport

Did you miss our October box? We have a limited number still available. Email kristal@namastehbox.com to find out if we have a box left in your size, available as a one-time purchase!

Loko Sport is 100% designed and manufactured in Canada. As a company they value a positive work environment that treats workers with respect.

Loko Sport is Inclusive. Their active wear collection is designed to fit and flatter every woman sized XS-20.

Loko Sport is Eco-Conscious. They use Bamboo and Modal which are biodegradable and require no pesticides, but are naturally wickable and breathable fabrics.

Loko Sport has Social Impact. As a brand they encourage people to live with strength, purpose, and social consciousness. They partner with local yoga and fitness professionals across Canada to bring free classes to marginalized groups in local communities. 

Learn more at www.lokosport.ca 

Loko Sport