November 2017 - Chikum Advanced Athletic Wear

Chikum (CH ee Ko'om), a word to describe the sound of excitement. Whether you are just testing the waters of yoga or have been born an athlete, Chikum brings style and finesse to the souls of determination who understand that their efforts of concentration teaches them meditation even in a bustling city. 

Chikum specializes in garments to wear in and out of the studio or gym for both men and women. Leveraging art, design, and technology with roots in ethical company practices, Chikum takes your sweat attire to an imaginative form. Sweatshop free, practical, and tailored, Chikum delivers style when you are battling health and well-being. 

Designed and produced in Vancouver BC, Chikum encourages the pursuit of a sustainable, slow fashion brand by supporting North American factories which are shrinking to overseas production. Grounded in ethics with a spirited focus, only the best choices are made for fabrics, quality, and design.

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